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The content of the website is provided by Bengtssons Maskin AB, org no. 556037–8670. By visiting our website, you agree Bengtssons Maskins web and privacy policy. Should you not accept this policy, you should not use the website or download any of the material available on it.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files used to store small pieces of information. They are stored on your device when the website is loaded in your browser. These cookies help us make the website work correctly, make it more secure, provide a better user experience and understand how the website works and to analyze what is working and where it needs improvement.


You can read more about what Cookies mean - click here.

To use the information on the website

The information on the website is general and should not be used as a basis for decisions on important issues. Bengtssons Maskin constantly works to ensure that the website is updated with correct and relevant information. Despite this, we cannot guarantee that the information is complete and correct. This website contains links to other websites. We are not responsible for the content of such websites nor for their processing of personal data.

What personal data is stored?

Our starting point is not to process more personal data than is necessary and we always strive to use the least privacy-sensitive data. Since Bengtssons Maskin mainly doing business with other companies, we have very little need for personal data vis-à-vis customers and suppliers. Information about our employees is somewhat more extensive for both legal and practical reasons. Sensitive personal data such as race, ethnic origin, political opinions, sexual orientation, religious or philosophical beliefs are not stored.


Here are examples of the personal data we process:


• Name Address
• Email address Phone number
• Date of birth Title
• Username Photographs
• Bank-related data
• Information that is registered voluntarily/voluntarily via e.g. mailings or the website
• IP address and cookie information (read more about cookies on the website www.minacookies.se)

Where and how the personal data is stored

We store personal data in our business system, CRM system, payroll system, business management system, on our servers and in folders; digital and in paper format. Through the matrices and the mapping we have done, we consider ourselves to have good control and thus be able to show what data we have and where it is stored.

So handle Bengtssons Maskin your personal information

Personal information is handled in accordance with the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). According to the GDPR, you have the right to be notified once per calendar year about which personal data is processed about you by us, regardless of how it was collected. The request must be sent in signed by you by post and therefore cannot be sent by e-mail.

You have the right to revoke a given consent to the processing of personal data at any time. We will then no longer process the personal data or obtain new ones, provided that it is not necessary to fulfill our obligations according to agreement or law.

What is the personal data used for?

We process personal data primarily to fulfill our commitments to customers, suppliers and employees.


Personal data about our customers is used to ensure good service such as deliveries, follow-up and information but also for customer analyzes and marketing. Everyone has the right to object to us using personal data for direct marketing.


Personal data regarding our suppliers is scarce, but those that exist are mainly used to communicate purchases, price inquiries and technical questions.


Personal data about our employees is needed to fulfill our agreements with our employees but also to banks for payment of salary and to authorities for reports according to the Accounting and Tax Act.

How we get access to the personal data

We gain access to personal data in the following ways:


  • Data that people provide us directly

  • Data registered via visits to our websites

  • Information that is registered upon request to our employees

  • Information via registration for newsletters and other mailings

  • Data that we receive when a person applies for employment, visits or otherwise contacts us

Who may/can access the company's personal data

We have developed routines and working methods to ensure that personal data is handled securely. The starting point is that only employees within the organization who need the personal data to perform their duties should have access to it. For sensitive personal data, we have set up special authorization checks, which means a higher level of protection for personal data.


Our security systems are developed with a focus on privacy and protect to a high degree against intrusion, damage or changes that may pose a risk to personal privacy.


Our starting point is not to disclose personal data to third parties unless there is consent or if it is not necessary to fulfill our obligations according to agreement or law. In cases where we use personal data assistants, i.e. a third party, we draw up confidentiality agreements and ensure that the personal data is processed in a reassuring manner.

Our chat function

This website uses Tidio, a chat platform that connects users with customer support on Bengtssons Maskin. We collect email addresses and names only with users' consent, to start the chat. Messages and data exchanged are stored in the Tidio application. For more information, see their privacy policy.


Bengtssons Maskin does not use these messages or data other than to follow up on users' registered questions or requests. Your personal data will be processed and transferred in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


If you have questions or comments on the content, please contact us:

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