Why cookies?

We at Bengtssons Maskin uses cookies to give you access to all functions on the website and to customize your user experience of the website. A cookie is a small text file that is saved via the browser on your device. There are various cookies, some of which are necessary for our website to function correctly and some cookies provide information about how the website is used and which ensure that we can offer you relevant marketing.


We also forward certain information to the advertising and analysis companies with which we cooperate. For cookies that are necessary for the site to function correctly, we do not need your consent. For other cookies, we need your consent to their use.

First-party cookies

A first-party cookie is placed by the website you visit on your device and is a type of cookie that is not shared with any other party.

Third Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are placed by an external publisher, a so-called third party, for example social media platforms or advertising partners. The purpose of these cookies is to collect information to provide advertising and tailored content as well as for statistics relating to the website.


This type of cookies requires your consent, unless it is a cookie considered necessary for the website to function properly, and there is also the possibility to turn off these cookies by opting out of them by checking them off in the list you provided your consent when you visit the website or through settings in your browser. If you choose to turn them off, the website may be perceived as less efficient.

Session cookies

Session cookies are temporarily stored on your device while you visit our website. When you close your browser, these cookies are deleted.

Persistent cookies

These cookies are stored on your device for a longer period of time than a session cookie, and will remain on your device until you delete them or until the time the cookie is set to last has expired.

We divide cookies into these categories based on their function:

Necessary cookies

This type of cookie is necessary for the website to function safely and correctly. For this type of cookie, we do not need consent from you as a user of the website. Should you choose to turn off this cookie in your browser, it may result in the website not working correctly. When you close your browser, this type of cookie is deleted.


Functional cookies

Functional cookies enable us to offer a personalization of the website so that your choices are saved. Examples of which choices are meant are which country you are in, language choices or information in forms. If you opt out of this type of cookies, some or all of these functions may be limited or completely stop working.


Performance and statistics cookies

We use performance cookies by a third party placing cookies to analyze, for example, how the website is used, the user's traffic source or which subpages are visited most frequently. By collecting this information, we can ensure that our website visitors have the best possible experience. All information is anonymized and no personally identifiable information is saved.


Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are used to, for example, follow up marketing measures, online advertising or users of the website's activities. The cookie is set by a third party, such as a search engine or advertising network, and saves your information that you share with the website anonymously by assigning the information to a customer identifier such as an encrypted email address or device ID. This type of cookie requires your consent. You can opt out of these cookies by turning them off in your browser.

How to delete cookies?

In most browsers, you can adjust settings for cookies and delete the cookies that are stored on your device. In the settings, you can, for example, block all cookies, accept first-party cookies or delete cookies when you close your browser. If you choose to block or delete cookies, it may result in some of our functions being limited or not working fully.


When you close your browser, your consent to cookies on our website will be deleted.

More information

You can read more about cookies on the Swedish Post and Telecommunications Authority's website ( which is also the supervisory authority for electronic communications.


When you close your browser, your consent to cookies on our website will be deleted.


You will also find more information about our GDPR policy HERE.