Gear motors

With Rossi's product range, we have the world's widest range of gears. Here you will find gears that are included under precision.

Linear conveyors

These linear conveyors from CDS enable the industry's highest accuracy and repeatability for automated assembly and manufacturing machines.

Nexen RPS system

Nexen RPS system for linear and rotary precision movements. Read more about our products here.

Clamping elements

Due to the hydraulic working method, the ETP principle provides a number of important advantages for the customer: compact design, quick assembly, easy to position, good rotation, does not damage the contact surfaces and is easy to dismantle.

Direct drive

Direct drive bearing units are suitable for applications where high performance and low space requirements are important criteria.

Bearing units

Slewing bearing is a wire bearing that is fitted with an inner and outer ring. The advantage of this system is i.a. that the outer and inner ring can be made of materials other than steel – eg aluminum for light weight.

Wire race bearings

Wire race bearings are a unique construction with ring-shaped raceways made of steel. They are intended for installation directly in the basic structure, which thus replaces the bearing rings in a conventional bearing.

Miniature couplings

For encoders, servo motors and stepper motors - we have the right coupling for your applications. The range includes a very large selection of couplings in various designs, all with their unique properties.

Indexing gears

Indexing gears and indexing tables are simple, proven and reliable machine elements. Bettinelli is a world-leading manufacturer from Italy.

Precision chains

For more than 80 years, IWIS has manufactured roller chain with the absolute highest precision and quality, and today more than 700 people work at the company's factory in Munich.