Heavy Duty

Heavy duty

Products that are used in a tough environment where the demands on strength and durability are very high.

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Slew drive

Our slew drives offers precise rotation and reliability. Customizable solutions for different industries.

Slewing rings

Our slewing ring bearings are designed to handle high axial, radial and tilting moments, making them reliable in demanding applications.


High performance hydraulic cylinders for lift, pressure and traction. Designed for superior reliability in demanding industrial environments.

Elastic couplings

Our Flexomax range offers flexible and torsionally elastic couplings, perfect for absorbing shock and vibration.


Advanced couplings designed to ensure proper power transmission and machine operation in various industrial environments.

Lamella couplings

Lamellar couplings, Metaflex, a disk coupling in metal and stainless steel that is torsionally rigid and resistant to dirt and temperature.

Arc tooth couplings

Renk, a leading manufacturer of spur gear couplings. Contact our sales representatives for information on high-speed couplings up to 40 rpm.

Hydraulic pumps

Enerpac hydraulic pumps deliver superior power and precision. Reliable performance for versatile applications.

Hydraulic turning devices

Eckart offers solutions in the area of ​​rotary movements, limited rotary movements and combined rotary-linear movements.


Our range provides powerful clamping and positioning power for all manufacturing processes.

Cardan shafts

Cardan shafts are in many cases an excellent alternative to shaft couplings when the distances between the shaft pins exceed approx. 500 mm.


Rossi's gearbox range offers a wide product variety. Combine with slewing rings, cardan shafts and clamping joints for optimal solutions.

Flange tool

High-quality flange tools for efficient and safe mounting solutions. Reliable tools for precision..

Lifting equipment

Explore our high-quality lifting gear for safe and efficient operations. Confidence-inspiring products, maximum security and superior performance await you!


Reliable electric and air powered hoists. High-quality lifting solutions with German Liftket Star and Japanese Endo.


Bengtssons Maskin enables smooth machine movement with high-quality jacks and roller stands.


RotaChock® - self-levelling block for mounting rotating equipment.

Hydromechanical tensioning joint

The ETP principle: Compact, quick assembly, easy positioning, good rotation, gentle on contact surfaces and easy disassembly.

Mechanical clamping elements

Clamping elements are based on the cone principle with sliding cones and radial expansion through radial screws for increased flexibility and efficiency

Lifting block

William Hackett offers reliable lifting solutions with over 150 years of experience.

Torque tool

Torque tightening and screw tensioning. Manual, hydraulic, electric, air and battery powered tools for different applications and needs.

Parker hydraulic motor

We partner with Parker Hannifin for hydraulic operation of SlewDrive. Complete range, up to 1695 Nm of torque, 1/2 to 13 rpm.

Balance block

Endo's balance block hangs tools, hoses and actuators. Reduces weight load, provides easy-to-move tools for efficient work.

Hydraulic Presses

Enerpac hydraulic presses in various capacities: 10-200 tons, Arbor, Bench, H-Frame, C-Clamp and Roll-Frame models.


A complete range of pullers with the widest range of sizes, capacities and styles.

Rail Stressor Kit

A lightweight neutralization equipment designed for maintenance engineers with welding, repair and serviceneeds.

Other lifting

Here we have gathered other products within lifting. You will find various hand winches, slewing cranes, beam trailers and lifting devices.