The METAFLEX disc coupling in metal and stainless steel is a torsionally rigid link-shaped coupling.

Elastic couplings

The FLEXOMAX series consists of three different coupling variants: GSN, G and GBN.

Hydrostatic couplings

Advanced couplings designed to ensure proper power transmission and machine operation in various industrial environments.


RotaChock® is an adjustable, self-leveling and reusable chock for mounting rotating equipment. Now you can read more about the products on our website!

Rail stressing kit

The Enerpac RP70A is a lightweight neutralization equipment designed for railway maintenance engineers with welding, repair and serviceneeds.

Slewing rings

Slewing bearings for high axial, radial and tilting moments, reliable in demanding applications.


Looking for gears? We have a wide range of gears. Here you will find everything from geared motors with helical and bevel helical gears to planetary gears.

Gear couplings

All mechanical friction joints are based on the principle of cones sliding against each other. The sliding and thus the radial expansion, brought about…

Torque tool

Here you will find Enerpac's program with tools for torque and screw tensioners. Manual and hydraulic tools as well as spreading wedges and flange tools.