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Hydraulic turning devices

Hydraulically, you can create a turning movement and the turning device itself can absorb higher external mechanical stresses. Perfect for tilt movements and various types of applications where you have access to hydraulics.

Eckart's turning device also has "end cushioning" in the end positions, where the flow is throttled according to a predetermined pattern. This enables the total cost to be lower as expensive valve packages and arrangements can be avoided.

Rotary actuator SM4​

Eckart SM4 – a hydraulic 250 bar swing motor. Sm4 has a compact design to be able to perform multiple rotary movements in minimum installation space.

Rotary Actuator E1

E1 is the standard for low pressure hydraulic systems. 40 to 100 bar are typical pressure classes for E1. Many options that provide functionality and great flexibility.

Rotary actuator E3

The Hydraulic E3 – A swing motor/rotary drive designed specifically for mobile applications. With precise positioning, there is almost no backlash.

Rotary actuator HSE4​

The HSE4 is a lift and swing unit that combines a swing motor and a double-acting linear cylinder. HSE4 provides the possibility of freely selectable movement sequences which can then be controlled separately from each other. 

Rotary actuator HyRAV

The hydraulic valve actuator HyRAW® Flex is a powerful and safe valve authorization solution.

It can also be adjusted to any fit!

Pneumatic actuators PHSE

PHSE is a pneumatic lifting and turning unit with durable moving parts up to 6 bar. 

Pneumatic actuators PSM2

The PSM2 is a very light rotary actuator. It has a low weight and low space requirement. From 2-10 bars.

Tool changer

Our partner's tool changer and exchange system. These components are individual designs.

Performance: up to 1000 kg weight. 

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